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Cette semaine, Mike et Ben discutent mariage pour mieux parler de tech (vous comprendrez…) Des liens que vous pourrez trouver utiles:

En bonus, cette semaine la letter de Mike qui lui a valu une réponse de Jason Fried :)

Hi guys,

Thank you for the concepts, ideas, as well as clear « getting things done » notes from  your book REWORK. I’ve discovered @37signals from friends in the Ruby on Rails world.

Later, I discovered your 37signals podcast and Rework book through @dhh intervention on #TWiST with @jason. I found him to be  creatively turbulent, full of ideas and not willing to conform to the tradional way of doing! In short, I LOVED IT!

My conclusion is simple ….. THANK YOU!

– THANK you for showing that being non conformists and thinking « out of the box » really does  work and pay off.

– thank YOU for applying your ideas and showing that they allow better product delivery

– thank you FOR breaking down the rules of corporate mentalility, thought to be « the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you GOD  » ;)

It’s my first ever thank you note, which comes from my guts and heart.

Cheers from Switzerland!


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Et la réponse:

Hi Michael-

Thanks for writing.

So glad to hear you enjoyed REWORK! Thanks for checking it out.

Honored to be the recipient of your first thank you note!

All the best.


Le début d’une grande amitié ;) A la semaine prochaine!!

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