NipTech 080 – Plus grand que « Color »

Cette semaine, NipTech se concentre sur le social, en vrai, en bulle, en virtuel, comme vous voulez :)

  • Mike teste color avec des amis! Photos
  • Check out Topspin’s new website. Their direct-to-fan platform kicks ass: via @topspinmedia
  • Topspin CEO interview
  • TECHUP.CH – Swiss startup meetup siteGroup.me vs Disco
  • First Look: With Disco, Google Also Joins The Group Messaging Dance (Care Of Slide)
  • The secret history of Silicon Valley, by Steve Blank :
  • Introducing the Startup Guild: A Community for Entrepreneurs
  • Google Debuts New Online Magazine
  • Google begins testing Google Music internally
  • Red Bull’s new augmented reality racing app also boosts sales 
  • #QUOTE Is it true? Is it positive? Is it useful? Three great questions posed by Socrates before saying something.
  • « Never tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon. » -Author Unknown

A lundi prochain, 21h CET sur uStream pour le live!

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