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Podcast: Téléchargement

Cette semaine, @julienhenzelin et @laurentk sont les invités de NipTech et dissèque la tech

La startup de Laurent: freeapps365

Techcrunch disrupt the conference :: http://www.ustream.tv/techcrunch

Reddit Reports HUGE Traffic Numbers Today: 1.2B Page Views Per Month :: http://www.businessinsider.com/reddit-reports-huge-traffic-numbers-today-12b-page-views-per-month-2011-6#ixzz1XliYafxw

A Startup Is Reborn: Reddit, No Longer Part of Conde Nast, Seeks CEO


Seedcamp winners :: http://www.seedcamp.com/2011/09/seedcamp-week-2011-new-teams-and-winners-plus-a-bonus.html

The TechCrunch saga :: How TechCrunch changed startup culture.

Android :: http://www.androidcentral.com/latest-android-version-numbers-released-84-devices-running-android-22-or-higher

Productivity agenda :: http://www.orgacity.com/12-orgabook.html


Julien Henzelin’s blog

Google Buys Zagat :: Google Bought Me! The First Two Days

Quote of the day :: Individual score points and team win games – Zig Ziglar 08.2011

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