NipTech 160 – le Vendredi Noir

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      • Openera.com: Automatically save, organize & backup files & email attachments.
      • Un site pour syde: wavo.me )
      • Un site pour Johan: healthaware.ca
      • Fred Wilson What Has Changed  vs (VC funding of consumer web and mobile companies is down 42% in this first nine months of 2012, the consumer web has matured, moving from desktop/web to the more difficult mobile/app, the momentum has switched from from consumer to enterprise.)
      • Dave McClure What Hasn’t Changed: The Internet Keeps Getting Bigger.  (No need for VCs anymore: it’s REALLY EASY to bootstrap most internet and mobile businesses and growth takes less time: Groupon, Zynga, Instagram)
      • Gadget Geek qui peut rapporter gros : https://lockitron.com/preorder le verrou de porte à la mode 2.0 (+ de14K reservation et + de 2M$ accumulés)
      • http://www.twilert.com/ une sorte de Google Alert pour Tweeter (Parametrabilité, pertinence), mes retours apres 1 semaine d’utilisation…


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