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Un podcast de @syde et @bcurdy. Utilisez #AskNiptech sur Twitter pour nous poser des questions ou proposer des news.

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Discord’s voice communications app for gamers quadruples to 45 million users

Le lien pour rejoindre de la communauté Discord:

C’est dans l’air

Americans no longer have to register non-commercial drones with the FAA

DARPA robot lands (simulated) Boeing 737

London City first in UK to get remote air traffic control

AI in the City

Durham Police AI to help with custody decisions

AI will take control of Milton Keynes traffic lights next year

Aira raises $12M for software that combines AI, AR, and human agents to help the blind

Patreon doubles in a year to 1M paying patrons and 50K creators

Google IO


  • @me_damien: #BillGates dit que des milliers d’emplois seront perdus à cse de l’automatisat° et qu’il faudra taxer les robots, un avis ? #askniptech
  • @ptasiaux: The object in life is […] to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane (Marcus Aurelius) @syde #AskNiptech
  • @ptasiaux: #AskNiptech Swiss Boom in Clothing Exports Is Really About Picky Customers (BBM) – Good opportunity for Echo Look?
  • @bastrach: Plaisir d’écouter @niptechpodcast depuis 6 ans, comment imaginez-vous Niptech dans 2 ans, révolution ou statu quo.


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